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On a sunny August morning we were invited to make our latest appearance on the show but this time we were armed with a camera of our own and things were about to get interesting.

Greeted by the welcoming camera crew and home owner we made our way into the property but something was missing. There wasn’t a presenter in sight! Dion & Co had beaten us to the punch and had long since gone by the time we turned up. Now there’s an autograph opportunity we’ll never get back.

As filming commenced, those of us not staring in this particular production fell silent as the experts cast their opinion for the world to hear on these now famous bricks and mortar. Snuggled into the Kitchen and then the Lounge, there was more than one polite telling off for talking while the red light shone on the camera – we were just glad nobody was chewing gum!

Cue the theatrical house tour with the standard nods of approval and then onto the Estate Agents’ property walk up shot. Looks like somebody nearly left there microphone on which would have been awkward - but the crisis was quickly averted by an eagle eyed camera man. These guys are good!

Maybe the most surprising factor with filming is the lack of any continuity. Everybody appears in their own five minutes of fame before the whole piece is cleverly stitched together ready for the TV screen and the unsuspecting licence payer.

Suddenly and as quickly as it had begun our time with the crew was over. Exchanging pleasantries with the occupants of the house we made our way out and this particular episode would be ready for airing late in 2017. Expressing our gratitude to our new friends, we had to say goodbye for now but we knew another meeting was inevitable.

 You can see our latest offering in full on Thursday 7th September 2017 at 10am on BBC1. We are proud to know our stuff when it comes to selling houses on and off the TV. If you’d like any advice when it comes to getting your property on the market - why not get in touch on 01902 440055? We’d love to hear from you!